Counseling and Assessment Ministries holds assisting others and giving back to the community close to its heart. You can find out more info, how you can become involved and donate to each charity below.

Alzheimer’s Connections

Our goal is to heighten the quality of life for Alzheimer’s patients in assisted living and adult day care centers through Music Therapy, compassionate socialization and interesting mind challenge as well as interventions for nutrition and fitness.   

There is evidence to suggest that music intervention (especially music which is familiar) improves memory traces that connect experiences and improve mood in Alzheimer’s patients. 

All of us know friends and relatives who are suffering with Alzheimer’s.  The statistics on Alzheimer’s are disturbing.  Today, 5.3 million Americans are living with this degenerative brain disease.  This is expected to grow to up to 16 million by the year 2050.  It’s the 6th leading cause of death in America. 

Business sponsors are also welcome and may wish to partner with us for a specific local institution in exchange for the advertisement/publicity

Camp Of Dreams

Objective: To provide an educational and inspirational experience for youth in a creative arts summer camp which involves 

  • Music-Perform, Teach, Create/write
  • Drama-acting/performing
  • Painting/Drawing
  • Dance
  • Self Defense

Many children dream of becoming a performer.  Some just need an outlet in the arts to release their stress or a means to express themselves.  For some who are indigent, a donation will go toward their scholarship to the arts summer camp and keep them off the streets and engaged in a fulfilling opportunity for learning a skill or developing their talents.  For some it will result in personal growth, socialization with wholesome role models. 

Business sponsors are also welcome and may wish to partner with us to a specific local school in the county you serve.  T-Shirts with your business logo, contests, prizes, talent shows with announcements and other types of involvement are planned accordingly. 

Scholarship Fund

Many students have to drop out of school for lack of funds through no fault of their own. 

Those who meet all the requirements for continuing their education as a honor student and are seeking a degree in the helping profession of a licensed therapist or Social Worker would be considered by the board to compete for this scholarship.

This scholarship is in the name of the late Wanda Anne Faust Memorial Fund as she had a heart to help the helpless until her untimely death due to Bile Duct Liver Cancer. 

She unselfishly thought of continuing to help others even while suffering with cancer the last year of her life.  She served God and others without complaint or thought to her own pain and limitations. 

I ask if you would continue in her mission to care for these that are struggling as well.